YOLOdice Roll Verifier



Choose a CSV file exported from the site


{{`Server Seed: ${serverSeed}`}}
{{`Calculated hash of Server Seed: ${sha256(serverSeed)}`}}
{{`Provided hash of Server Seed: ${serverSeedHash}`}}
{{`Hashes match: ${sha256(serverSeed) === serverSeedHash}`}}
{{`Client Seed: ${clientSeed}`}}
{{`Nonce: ${nonce}`}}
{{`Result of HMAC-SHA512(serverSeed, '${clientSeed}.${nonce}')`}}

(Pick the first 5 character set that yields a number 0 <= n <= 999999)
{{`parseInt(${hashToRoll(hmacsha512(serverSeed, clientSeed, nonce)).chunk}, 16) = ${hashToRoll(hmacsha512(serverSeed, clientSeed, nonce)).roll}`}}

Roll: {{hashToRoll(hmacsha512(serverSeed, clientSeed, nonce)).roll}}

{{sha256(serverSeed) === serverSeedHash ? 'Server seed matches' : 'Server seed does not match'}}

{{allBetsVerify() ? 'All CSV bets have been verified' : 'One or more bets does not check out'}}

Bet ID Nonce Roll Target Range Amount Profit Jackpot Profit Verified
{{roll.bet_id}} {{roll.nonce}} {{roll.roll}} {{roll.target}} {{roll.range}} {{roll.amount}} {{roll.profit}} {{roll.jackpot_profit}} {{roll.verified}}

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