(568340) <helpme> @dooglus, i can be a great mod, I mean, I am the only mod who's not in the negative by your childish ways so i can encourage ppl to loose more money and make Site profit up up n' away ^*^*^*^*^*
(568340) <helpme> dooglus, please mod me. @warren, I'm very positive here too
(1) <@dooglus> helpme: you cannot be a mod who rules. you cannot be a mod who drools. you cannot be a mod at night. you'll never make mod on my site.
(1) <@dooglus> I'm going to start just-lice.com and sell that stinky stuff you put on kids' heads to kill lice
(10282) <@dooglus> i didn't until he pulled out
(652133) <ZoIace> Dooglus and if u mute me again Im gonna get script kiddies and get ur site blacklisted from google
(10282) <@dooglus> jail bait everywhere
(136) <@sqwerty> monthly trip to chucky cheese?
(1) <@dooglus> jizzcoin
(1) <@dooglus> brb - mining...
(145724) <fsh> proof of jerk